Memento Mori

Episode I: The Magician

???: Well, I guess this is the last audio journal I’m going to make. I guess I don’t need any more evidence against me.

Aeba Shigure: So, I was just trying to complete this quest when some shadow tick apparently latched onto my back. Next thing I know, I’m in a burning building with a gun, and my girlfriend’s brother and his friends are fighting some satyrs and the tick.

Shigure: Apparently I shot one of my teachers and Nakasoto Seiji? Was about to kill myself too, if that parasite had anything to say about it.

???: I’m not your lawyer, Shigure, but I don’t think you should admit that much on tape.

Shigure: If my brilliant defense of supernaturally induced insanity pans out, Mizuho, it won’t matter how much I admit to.

Aeba Mizuho: Maybe we should get rid of the tape, little bro.

Shigure: As if! These tapes are my memories, Mizuho. I’m not going to throw them away!

Mizuho: I swear…

Shigure: Anyway, I’m not sure how much longer they’re going to keep me in this hospital. I guess I did nearly die…

???: Shigure, if you try to stand up again, I’m going to make sure you REALLY die this time.

Shigure: Ugh. Sorry, Rie.

Izumi Rie: If you guys are going to run around at midnight fighting god-knows-what, you should at least wait until you’re fully recovered.

Shigure: Well, with these two WONDERFUL women guarding my room at all hours, it’s not like- wait, Mizuho! Not the tape! Not the-

[Loud cracking noise.]

[End of recording.]



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