Memento Mori

Episode II+III: The High Priestess + The Empress

???: Have you finished setting up the recorder, Akihiko?

Sanada Akihiko: Yeah, I think so. You know you have people you pay to do this kind of thing, right, Mitsuru?

Kirijo Mitsuru: Completely irrelevant. Now, would you please explain what we encountered in Akaimori this week? Don’t leave out any important details.

Akihiko: Right… So, we were already aware of the strange things happening in Akaimori when we arrived for the “business trip”. The plan was to put pressure on the Kanegawa group, and get the go-ahead for an unofficial investigation. Well, I guess in retrospect we got exactly what we wanted.

Mitsuru: And then some. A very… odd woman arrived in the middle of the meeting with Kanegawa Keishi, and brought with her some young persona users. I have to admit, even I was caught off guard.

Akihiko: That’s certainly a first.

Mitsuru: I’m going to ignore that comment, Akihiko. It was a peculiar encounter, almost nostalgic. They reminded me of… well, us.

Akihiko: I’d have to agree with that. We didn’t have long to reminisce, because before long we found ourselves in the archives of the Kanegawa Group. The investigation yielded some unexpected results: a very big shadow, and a kid by the name of “Belphegor” who claimed to be working for the “Council of Seven”. Too bad we didn’t get anything else out of him before he, well, you know.

Mitsuru: I think that’s all. Tres bien, Akihiko.

Akihiko: No problem. Now, considering this is your private jet, do you think we could order a round of drinks? Not everything needs to be business, after all.

Mitsuru: Oh… All right, but we’re not doing any karaoke this time. You do remember what happened last time, don’t you?

Akihiko: Yes… Execution.

[End of tape.]



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