Memento Mori

Episode IV: The Emperor

???: So tell me your story again, Yukimura. Slowly this time.

Kiyowara “Bushido” Yukimura: Look, bro, I told you already. I had this completely fucked up dream, and I was being chased by this shadow thing. There were three other people, and we had to run up this tower or else the shadow would get us. There was a room full of cat figurines, a room with mannequins, a-

Kiyowara Motoki: You’re making yourself look like an idiot in front of your boss, Yukimura.

???: Honestly? I already knew Yuki was an idiot. I’m just curious whether this dream actually has anything to do with anything.

Yukimura: God dammit, Motoki, I’m telling the truth! And this… this girl isn’t my boss, her dad is!

Kanegawa Sakuya: Really, Yuki, you so do not want to piss me off right now.

Motoki: So what happened with this ‘shadow’, Yukimura?

Yukimura: So were led up this tower by a talking cat figurine, and the last room was an apartment. The thing had caught up to us at this point, but the American in our group had called some number and a new door opened up. We went through and met some sort of… midget or something, and the shadow came after us, but something about the room killed it. Then I woke up.

Motoki: Dead, huh? I guess that saves us some trouble.

Yukimura: Wait, what the fuck?

Sakuya: Just… Don’t worry about it, Bushi. It was just a stupid dream, after all…

[End of recording.]



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