Memento Mori

Old Document 01

From the Journal of KM, July 2012.

The data from the “Nyx Incident” arrived today.

I had my reservations about working on this project. I suppose without MT’s guidance I wouldn’t have been bold enough to play with this kind of power. The nuclear age came and went, and humanity might have been better for it, were it not for certain… corrupting influences. This technology is beyond the scope of human imagining. It has the power to sculpt the world as its wielder desires. I imagine a utopia, but I know utter oblivion could also wait within the rabbit hole.

At first, reading these files, nothing about it made sense. It seemed to be utter chaos, completely meaningless and completely incomprehensible. I am starting to put the pieces together. My first mistake was to approach it from an objective standpoint, from a scientific perspective. Now I see it clearly, and my eyes are open. You have to open your mind to possibilities most would consider insane, to truly delve into this world outside reality.

I felt alone in this endeavor at first, but I have some very valuable assets on my side. Father understands the gravity of the research, and he has promised me and my team all the resources we require. I have called in an expert from America, and he seems both reliable and intelligent. Finally, AM will be joining us, and I think she already has a better grasp of the data than I do. My end of the bargain is to finally set a date for the wedding, which is honestly more terrifying to me than the Shadows we are attempting to harness.

Still, I wonder. MT has been an invaluable mentor and friend to me, even after Father betrayed him. What is his agenda? Why would he do this for me? I will speak to him later.

[End of entry.]



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