Memento Mori

Episode I: The Magician

???: Well, I guess this is the last audio journal I’m going to make. I guess I don’t need any more evidence against me.

Aeba Shigure: So, I was just trying to complete this quest when some shadow tick apparently latched onto my back. Next thing I know, I’m in a burning building with a gun, and my girlfriend’s brother and his friends are fighting some satyrs and the tick.

Shigure: Apparently I shot one of my teachers and Nakasoto Seiji? Was about to kill myself too, if that parasite had anything to say about it.

???: I’m not your lawyer, Shigure, but I don’t think you should admit that much on tape.

Shigure: If my brilliant defense of supernaturally induced insanity pans out, Mizuho, it won’t matter how much I admit to.

Aeba Mizuho: Maybe we should get rid of the tape, little bro.

Shigure: As if! These tapes are my memories, Mizuho. I’m not going to throw them away!

Mizuho: I swear…

Shigure: Anyway, I’m not sure how much longer they’re going to keep me in this hospital. I guess I did nearly die…

???: Shigure, if you try to stand up again, I’m going to make sure you REALLY die this time.

Shigure: Ugh. Sorry, Rie.

Izumi Rie: If you guys are going to run around at midnight fighting god-knows-what, you should at least wait until you’re fully recovered.

Shigure: Well, with these two WONDERFUL women guarding my room at all hours, it’s not like- wait, Mizuho! Not the tape! Not the-

[Loud cracking noise.]

[End of recording.]

Episode 0: The Fool

[static buzzes]

???: Hello? Is this thing on?

???: This is Sachie Persch- er, well, Persch Sachie. Do we really need to do this, Sakura?

Nanami Sakura: Well, I thought it would be a nice way to remember our time together, but we don’t have to if you don’t want to, Sachie-chan…

Sachie: No, it’s fine. So, what am I supposed to talk about?

Sakura: I thought we could talk about what happened to us recently. Like a diary!

Sachie: Well, when you put it that way, it sounds almost cute. Thinking back, all we usually do is fight together. Not that it’s a bad thing…

???: Are you guys going to record this or not? I spent a lot of time getting this equipment set up.

Sachie: Oh, be quiet, Seiji-kun. It’s not like we forced you to do it!

Nakasoto Seiji: But you did, Senpai.

Sachie: Whatever… Anyway, yesterday was pretty uneventful, like it always is at the beginning of the year. Of course, things got weird once the ground started shaking and the power went out.

???: Considering how much weird shit happens in this town, I’d say it was pretty ordinary.

Sachie: Is EVERYONE doing this recording now?

Sakura: It’s fine, Izumi-senpai.

Izumi Kazu: Nah, I gotta head back and make dinner… and do laundry.

[Kazu sighs]

Kazu: Just make sure the people know that I took that axe for a good reason, okay?

Sachie: Fine, fine. Anyway, the power goes out for a bit, then this voice comes over the PA. He says that he knows everyone’s sins, and he starts listing them off. Sure enough, it’s real, and he’s giving away peoples’ darkest secrets. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well with the other students, and they all headed for the PA room.

Sachie: That’s where things got ugly. We knew something was going on, because the After Dark app was acting up. We ran over to the PA room, and Kazu had grabbed a fire axe. Even though the fire alarm had gone off, people were fighting in front of the PA room over whether or not to stop the broadcast. They were pretty worked up about it. Makes sense when dark secrets are involved.

Sakura: Um… Do you know how much tape this has?

Sachie: Hm? I’ll cut it short- we bust into the PA room, and inside was a shadow called the Fool. It was kind of a pushover, but it acted like we were going to die if we kept fighting. Weird. After that we managed to get out clean, despite Kazu’s little stunt earlier. Hopefully the rest of the shadows will be that easy.

Seiji: Are you guys done? I need to return this equipment soon.

Sakura: Well, maybe we should say something together before we end it-

[The recording cuts out.]


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